Health Insurance Coverage Laws for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Training


More than 30 million U.S. adults have diabetes and about 84 million have prediabetes or are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Teaching patients to monitor and manage their diabetes is an important method for controlling this disease. Many states require all public and private health insurance plans to cover diabetes self-management education and training (DSME/T). This map shows which states have laws that require such coverage for both private insurance plans and Medicaid, and provides information on legal requirements for, among other things, when DSME/T coverage is triggered, what specific activities are covered, and the standards that DSME/T must meet. Click any state below to view all data on that state's DSME/T laws. Click here to view D.C. specifically.

Data collection for this map was conducted by the Policy Surveillance Program, ChangeLab Solutions and the National Health Law Program. Read more about DSME/T. To view individual state profiles on DSME/T, please click here or select a state on the map and visit the link at the bottom of the table.

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