Patient Centered Medical Home Laws 

Patient centered medical homes (PCMH) provide patient-centered comprehensive primary care services to improve the quality, accessibility, affordability, coordination and delivery of health care. The PCMH model has become an important health care delivery model in the evolving US health care system, and as of May 2016, 42 states have a law recognizing this model. Under their laws, many states have established advisory councils to develop policies for implementing the model, and now require public and private health insurance plans to offer and cover PCMH services.

This map shows states with laws that recognize the PCMH model, the types of insurance providers that may cover PCMH services, and details about PCMH advisory councils. The map also includes laws on PCMH reporting requirements, and on the different funding sources available for implementation. The map displays laws in effect on May 1, 2016. Read more.

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