Local Project - Air Toxics/Pollution Enforcement Laws

Air pollution and air toxics laws are passed to improve air quality. These laws may involve permits for specific facilities that emit air pollution; standards and procedures that have to be followed in a region with an air pollution problem; and technical requirements for different kinds of sources of pollution. The way these laws are enforced can vary widely, with authority to inspect sources of air pollution and take action for violations placed in different state or local agencies. Special committees comprised of local government or other stakeholders may even be established to carry out specific oversight functions. This dataset includes state and local laws for Chicago, IL; Multnomah County, OR; San Diego County, CA; Tulsa, OK; and Washington, DC. Click on the links below to see all questions and citations for that municipality, or compare features of the laws by selecting from the questions below.

Chicago, IL ●  Multnomah County, OR ●  San Diego County, CA ●  Tulsa, OK ●  Washington, DC
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