GMO Labeling Laws

Growing numbers of food products are now made using genetically modified organisms (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) components. In 1996, almost no crops in the United States used genetic engineering. The USDA estimates that today over 80% of American grown soybeans and corn are genetically modified or engineered. Animal based GMO foods are also increasing. For example, USDA approved sale of GE salmon. Studies estimate that over 75% of processed foods sold in grocery stores contain GMO ingredients. To date, there is no federal requirement to label GE or GMO foods. A consumer movement grew in the United States to join the 64 countries around the world that require labeling of foods that contain GMO or GE ingredients. This study surveys which states have state labeling laws, which are considering new labeling laws and which want to ban the right to label outright.

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