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Response: National Legislation Implementing the IHR(2005)

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Responding to the international spread of communicable disease requires states to have specific capacities and is a key focus of the IHR(2005). The IHR(2005) is a binding instrument of international law aimed at preventing, protecting, controlling, and responding to the international spread of disease.

The focus of this dataset is on national laws that allow each country to mobilize resources to respond to the outbreak and to protect the population. Public health emergencies require mobilization of health personnel, the availability of health care infrastructures, and equipment. During an outbreak, peacetime organization and routine may be strained and national laws facilitate the organization of surge capacities. Communication channels between all stakeholders are also needed to ensure efficient use of capacities. Furthermore, in the response strategy, the IHR(2005) also emphasizes the need to protect human rights and thus, this dataset includes national law providing for the limitation of human rights particularly in the context of compulsory medical examinations, treatment, and quarantine.

This is a cross-sectional dataset displaying laws in effect across four countries (Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, and Switzerland) as of February 1, 2019.

Country Reports

  • English: For the country reports and the translated questions in Georgian, Russian and Serbian, please click the “Summary Report” button.
  • Russian: Для просмотра отчетов по странам и плана исследования с вопросами на грузинском, русском и сербском, нажмите кнопку "Summary Report."
  • French: Pour accéder aux rapports des pays et à la traduction des questions en Géorgien, Russe et en Serbe, veuillez s'il vous plait, cliquer sur le bouton "Summary Report."
  • Serbian: Za izveštaje zemalja i prevedena pitanja na gruzijskom, ruskom i srpskom jeziku, kliknite na dugme "Summary Report.“
  • Georgian: ცალკეული ქვეყნების შესახებ ანგარიშების, ასევე ქართულ, რუსულ და სერბულ ენებზე კითხვარის სანახავად გადადით ღილაკზე "Summary Report.''


Dataset Details Supporting Documents
Created by Institute of Health Law (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland) Staff Data
Valid through February 1, 2019 Codebook
Jurisdictions: 4 countries Protocol