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Publius: The Journal of Federalism •

Fiscal Federalism, ARPA, and the Politics of Repair

Yuanshuo Xu, Mildred E Warner

Trauma, Violence, & Abuse •

Building A Comprehensive, Longitudinal Dataset To Advance Research On The Efficacy Of State-Level Anti-Bullying Legislation: 1999 To 2017

Ramirez, M. R., Ryan, A., Lymn, K., Burris, S., Cook, A., Cloud, L. K., & Hatzenbuehler, M. L.

Housing Policy Debate •

The Effect of State Housing Policies on Eviction Filings and Judgments in the United States, 2001–2018

Ashley C. Bradford & W. David Bradford

Journal of General Internal Medicine •

Prescribing Syringes to People Who Inject Drugs: Advancing Harm Reduction in Primary Care

Avik Chatterjee MD, MPH, Maxwell Bannister BS, Lucas G. Hill PharmD & Corey S. Davis JD, MSPH

Law & Contemporary Problems •

Expansion of the Police Role in Responding to Mental Health Crises Over the Past Fifty Years: Driving Factors, Race Inequities and the Need to Rebalance Roles

Amy C. Watson & Taleed El-Sabawi

CommonHealth •

Gender-Inclusive Language and Abortion Protections

Amanda Elyse and Sarah J. Keaton

Community Mental Health Journal •

Outcomes for Patients Discharged to Involuntary Commitment for Substance Use Disorder Directly from the Hospital

John C. Messinger, Lisa Vercollone, Scott G. Weiner, William Bromstedt, Carol Garner, Jacqueline Garza, Joshua W. Joseph, Leon D. Sanchez, Dana Im & Alice K. Bukhman

America's Opioid Ecosystem (RAND) •

Criminal Legal System

Beau Kilmer

Northwestern University Law Review •

Obey or Abey: An Empirical Examination of Abeyance Agreements in Public School Discipline

Rachael K. Cox

Boston University •

High Stakes, Bad Odds: Health Laws and the Revived Federalism Revolution

Nicole Huberfeld

Journal of Emergency Management •

Emergency powers and the pandemic: Reflecting on state legislative reforms and the future of public health response

Maggie Davisa, JD, MA, PMP Lauren Dedona, JD Stacey Hoffman, MPH Andy Baker-White, JD, MPH David Engleman, JD Gregory Sunshine, JD"

Health Affairs •

Public Health Law Modernization 2.0: Rebalancing Public Health Powers And Individual Liberty In The Age Of COVID-19

Michelle M. Mello, Lawrence O. Gostin

The Heritage Foundation •

Answering Policymakers’ Most Common Questions (And Debunking Their Most Common Misconceptions) About Gun Policy

Amy Swearer

American Journal of Industrial Medicine •

Is paid sick leave bad for business? A systematic review

Candice Vander Weerdt PhD, Patricia Stoddard-Dare PhD, LeaAnne DeRigne PhD

Journal of Medical Internet Research •

Effect of Recent Abortion Legislation on Twitter User Engagement, Sentiment, and Expressions of Trust in Clinicians and Privacy of Health Information: Content Analysis

Karl Swanson, Akshay Ravi, Sameh Saleh, Benjamin Weia, Elizabeth Pleasants, Simone Arvisais-Anhalt

American Journal of Public Health •

Abortion-Related Laws and Concurrent Patterns in Abortion Incidence in Indiana, 2010–2019

Heidi Moseson, PhD, MPH, Mikaela H. Smith, PhD, Payal Chakraborty, PhD, MS, Hillary J. Gyuras, MA, Abigail Foster, BS, Danielle Bessett, PhD, Tracey A. Wilkinson, MD, MPH, and Alison H. Norris, MD, PhD

American Journal of Public Health •

Trends in US State Public Health Emergency Laws, 2021–2022

Elizabeth Platt JD, MA, Katie Moran-McCabe JD, Amy Cook JD, and Scott Burris JD

Child USA •

The Impact of Restrictive Abortion Policies on Children: How Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Decision Negatively Affects Youth

Sarah Bousquet

Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology •

A national comparison between the collocated short- and long-term radon measurements in the United States

Longxiang Li, Brent A. Coull & Petros Koutrakis

The Yale Law Journal •

Familial-Status Discrimination: A New Frontier in Fair Housing Act Litigation

Rubin Danberg Biggs & Patrick Holland

American Journal of Public Health •

Countering the Antiscience of Abortion Regulation

Patty Skuster

Journal of Physical Activity and Health •

The Built Environment and Population Physical Activity: Methods for Mapping the Relevant Laws

Tracy Nau, William Bellew, Billie Giles-Corti, Adrian Bauman, Ben J. Smith

The Journal of Rural Health •

Broadband access within Medically Underserved Areas and its implication for telehealth utilization

Nathaniel Bell, Peiyin Hung, Ana Lopez-De Fede, Swann A. Adams

Preprints •

Relationship between characteristics of large national regions and individual alcohol consumption: a systematic review

Sergey A. Maksimov, Yana Y. Danilchenko, Darya P. Tsygankova, Svetlana A. Shalnova, and Oksana

Journal of Substance Use •

NEXT: description, rationale, and evaluation of a novel internet-based mail-delivered syringe service program

Benjamin T. Hayes, Jamie Favaro, Czarina N. Behrends, Daniel Coello, Andrea Jakubowski, & Aaron D. Fox

Health Affairs •

Higher COVID-19 Vaccination And Narrower Disparities In US Cities With Paid Sick Leave Compared To Those Without

Alina S. Schnake-Mahl, Gabriella O’Leary, Pricila H. Mullachery, Alexandra Skinner, Jennifer Kolker, Ana V. Diez Roux, Julia R. Raifman, and Usama Bilal

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity •

Patterns of indoor radon concentrations, radon-hazard potential, and radon testing on a small geographic scale in Utah

Judy Y. Ou, Joemy M. Ramsay, Greg Lee, James A. VanDerslice, Marissa Taddie, Anne C. Kirchhoff, Eleanor Divver, Wallace Akerley, Deanna Kepka, Heidi A. Hanson

Journal of Public Health Policy •

Paid sick leave policy impacts on health and care utilization in the United States: why policy design matters

Hilary Wething

University of Arizona •

Preemption of Harm Reduction Practices During the US Opioid Crisis

Sara Joy Porter

University of Arizona Thesis •

Preemption of Harm Reduction Practices During the US Opioid Crisis

Sara Joy Porter